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  • Men’s Online Psycho-Ed Group

    Men’s F.R.E.S.H. V.I.P Group

    Freedom, Relationships, Emotional Sobriety, Hope
    Values, Intimacy, Purpose

    New Group Forming Beginning January 26, 2023 

    Thursdays 6:30 p.m. Central

    A new group for sober men who want to continue their sober journey to find meaning and purpose in life through character development, emotional maturity, while improving their relationship with healthy intimacy.

    F.R.E.S.H.  V.I.P.  is a 10-week online psychoeducational group designed to foster the next steps & skills needed to maintain long-term recovery from sexually compulsive behaviors and improve relationship communication or those  ambushed by betrayal.

    During this group you will discover:  

    • How to temper out of control emotions.
    • How to make yourself a priority in a world of indifference, impulsivity and distraction.
    • How to improve your primary relationship, fractured by infidelity or online sexual behaviors.
    • How to build back trust with your partner, through empathy and healthy intimacy.
    • Why we let other people and situations annoy us, fostering resentments and what to do about it.
    • How to balance your time so you don’t fall victim to distractions, technology, social media, indifference, and impulsivity.
    • Understand how to transform your life as a human being instead of a human doing, by improving your character, while setting realistic goals and values for yourself.
    • How to continue to find hope and freedom from the loneliness and boredom which trigger you with urges and cravings to escape into fantasy. 
    • How to create a life worth living where you are calm, connected, confident and clear, no longer needing to act out to feel better or worthwhile.

     This program is a game changer for you if: 

    • You have established some good sobriety and want to continue the next steps necessary for long-term success.  (Just being sober does not mean the journey is over!  It takes 3-5 years to maintain emotional sobriety). 
    • You’re in a relationship dealing with infidelity or online sexual issues and need direction on how to build trust, empathy and intimacy back into your partnership.
    • You’re already attending 12-step groups and have a sponsor or have attended beginner psychoeducational or clinical groups with a therapist and want to move to the next level.
    • You’re not sure, now that you’re sober, who you really are as a person and want to find your passion and the values needed to succeed in life moving forward.

    This program is not for you if you: 

    • Have recently, within the past 30 days, identified as a sex addict or someone struggling with out-of-control compulsive sexual behaviors in person or online.
    •  You need immediate support to help establish and maintain sexual sobriety.
    • You are only participating to appease your spouse or legal system but are not fully committed yourself to maintaining long term sobriety.
    • You do not have at least two hours per week outside of group to complete homework and reading.  Group meets for 1 ½ hours each week. 
    • You do not have reliable Internet access that will allow you to attend meetings via zoom. Phone is not a viable option due to sharing homework assignments and readings. 
    • You are unable to attend at least eight of the 10 sessions.

       Online Group Outline 

      Session #1:


      • Introduction
      • Counselor’s experience and credentials
      • Mapping out the target market
      • What to expect
      • Rules
      • Homework / Readings
      • Confidentiality
      • Meet and Greet / Personal story of addiction and recovery
      • What you want to get out of being in this group


      Session #2:



      Session #3:


      • Theme of Session: Mindfulness
      • Examining the Solution in Chapter 2
      • Feelings Check / Get Current / Struggles / Successes
      • Mindfulness / Being present in the moment
      • Intuition
      • Appreciate what we used to take for granted
      • Judging and comparing: Self- image vs. self-esteem
      • Freedom from addiction is playing by the rules
      • Fighting vs. letting go
      • Exercise / Questions
      • General Discussion: How this relates to me


      Session #4:


      Theme of Session:  A human being vs. a human doing

      • Defining the difference from chapter 3
      • Feelings Check / Get Current / Struggles / Successes
      • Expectations are premeditated resentments
      • Seeking fortune, fame and honor: Building your character
      • Using work to avoid problems at home
      • Exercise / Questions
      • General Discussion: How this relates to me


      Session #5:


      • Theme of Session: Self-Care for Work/Life Balance
      • Examining the solution from chapter 4
      • Finding your passion
      • Play by the rules
      • Prevention of relapse: Building a life worth living
      • Play and Rest
      • Happiness as a goal
      • Exercises / Questions
      • General Discussion:  How this relates to me


      Session #6:


      • Theme of Session: Dealing with Difficult Emotions
      • Defining problem of pushing away your emotions from chapter 5
      • Feelings Check / Get Current / Struggles / Successes
      • Anxiety and its triggering role
      • Depression and Anger: The link and how to express anger healthily.
      • Resentments
      • Shame vs. Guilt
      • Adversity and Fear
      • Are you causing your own suffering?
      • The Feelings Inventory Exercise
      • General Discussion:  How this relates to me


       Session #7: 

      • Theme of Session: Improving Your Character
      • Examining the Solution in chapter 6
      • Feelings Check / Get Current / Struggles / Successes
      • Spirituality and Character Improvement
      • Faith
      • Love and Indifference
      • Diligence and Laziness
      • Emotional Sobriety and Serenity
      • Exercise / Questions
      • General Discussion:  How this relates to me

        Session #8 


      Session #9:


      • Theme of Session:  The Elements of Trust
      • Examining the solution to lack of trust in CH 8
      • Feelings Check / Get Current / Struggles / Successes
      • Trusting a Higher Power
      • Trusting others
      • Trusting ourselves
      • Hey! What About Me: When will I be your priority
      • Being honest with yourself
      • Forgiveness and Acceptance: What it really means
      • Exercise / Questions
      • General Discussion:  How this relates to me


      Session #10


      • Theme of Session:  Healthy Sexuality & Intimacy
      • Moving toward a healthier relationship from Chapter 9
      • Understanding Thriving despite your Sex and Love Addiction
      • The difference between lust and desire
      • The Eight Stages of Intimacy
      • Help Her Heal: Discovering Empathy
      • Exercise: FANOS
      • What to do when crisis, urges, triggers occur?
      • Act Dialectically
      • Play the Tape Out
      • Self-soothe
      • Opposite Action
      • Goal Setting
      • Pros and cons
      • Exercises / Questions
        General Discussion:  How this relates to me



      Group Registration

      • Reach out to the office manager at [email protected] or call 901-248-6001 to set up a 15 minute screening with Mr. Katz.  Once you’ve been approved, you will receive the registration form and group rules via email.