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    Allan J. Katz LPC/MHSP/CSAT

    The Healthy Intimacy Coach, Licensed Professional Counselor & Certified Sex Addiction Therapist in the Mid-South. 

    I have been married for 51 years to my unconditionally loving wife and use this experience, along with my professional training, counseling over 1000 clients with relationship and intimacy issues, out of control sexual behavior, and trauma,  using the eight stages of intimacy model, DBT skills and experiential therapy in a practice based on respect, acceptance with change and non-judgment.

    I see individuals and couples struggling with sex, porn and love addiction, internet addiction, intimacy disorders, depression, anxiety and trauma related disorders.

    I am the author of six books, Addictive Entrepreneurship dealing with the 13 secrets to a successful life as an entrepreneur, Experiential Group Therapy Interventions with DBT: A 30-day program for treating addictions and trauma.  (for therapists)

    I co-authored Help Her Heal with Carol Sheets for helping betrayed partners heal and Ambushed by Betrayal with Michele Saffier.

    My latest book is Navigating the Phases of Sex Addiction Recovery.

    All books are available on this website’s book section.

    Here’s What Addiction Professionals Have to Say About Allan J. Katz: 

    I worked alongside Allan. He is revered as second to none among his colleagues for his professionalism and compassion. I witnessed deeply profound and miraculous changes take place within the individuals he treated. He treated individuals for substance use disorder, sex and love addiction, trauma, relationship restoration and intimacy, mental health and personality disorders, and a variety of other issues. He pulled from multiple counseling theories to fit treatment to the individual. Some of these included, DBT, CBT, and experiential therapy. I watched transformations from broken to restored. His empathy allowed him to help those he worked with to dig deep and resolve things that had plagued them their entire life. He empowers others to be their authentic self and grow. Not only would I recommend Allan to anyone seeking help, I would trust him with my own family or even myself if the need arose.  Amanda Cocke, Former Senior Recovery Coach, Vertana Health of Mississippi. 

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    About Karen Brownd, LPC CSAT-S

    Karen specializes in treating all forms of addiction including Sex-Love and relationship Issues, Partner Betrayal Trauma, Other forms of trauma, Grief/Loss, Anger Management, Personality Disorders; DID (Multiple Personalities), Family of Origin and Mood Disorders.

    Modalities include CBT, DBT, EMDR, Psychodrama, Art and Experiential Therapies.

    She is experienced in facilitating Groups, Working with Couples and Families and Individual Therapy.

    Karen facilitates a Women’s Emotion Regulation, Distress Tolerance group for people struggling with relationships. Thursday nights at 6:30.

    For a free 15 minute consultation with Karen call her directly at 505-670-9589.

    Inspirational Quotes

    “Your time is way too valuable to be wasting on people that can’t accept who you are.”

    Turcois Ominek

    “There is no freedom without responsibility.”

    Edith Eger

    “Assumptions Are The Termites of Relationships”

    “You don’t put your garbage and diamonds in the same place in your home, why put them together in your brain?”

    “The happiest people don’t have to have the best of everything, they just have to make the most of everything they have.”

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