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  • Ambushed by Betrayal: The Survival Guide for Betrayed Partners on Their Heroes’ Journey to Healthy Intimacy

    Infidelity, gaslighting, and deception shatter the most sacred part of a committed relationship. The foundation upon which your relationship is built is demolished in an instant, leaving unsuspecting partners in rubble and twisted wires trying to make sense of what just happened. This is Betrayal Trauma.

    With the experience and wisdom of twenty-four years working with betrayed partners and utilizing the methods developed, Michele F. Saffier and Allan J. Katz offer you a self-guided process of healing, unlike any other—a heroes’ journey.

    On your heroes’ journey, you will face into the depth of pain and suffering that follows in the wake of the storm and emerge whole, yet broken but stronger for the brokenness. You will reclaim your balance, wisdom and dignity, allowing you to make the most difficult decisions with a clear and strong mind.

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