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  • Are you where you’re supposed to be in life today?

    I am where I am supposed to be 

    When we attempt to push away negative feelings they simply develop greater power and energy over us. What we resist, persists. Many people believe they can live their lives avoiding any form of pain or suffering, loss or monetary woes. Well, life doesn’t work that way. We strive to be able to hold on and balance the good with the not so glorious feelings we live with each day. When we can accept the negative feelings and simply observe them, it allows us to balance the negative with the positive. If there were no problems in business who would need us. Accept that the position you have today along with the challenges you need to still solve is where you are supposed to be at this time in your life. When you can accept this concept and bring mindful balance to your work, you’ll live a more fulfilled life.

    Just for today, just for this moment, I will let accept circumstances as they are; as they are supposed to be for me at this time in my life.