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  • What our clients have to say

    “This book offers readers time tested solutions toward true freedom and emotional integrity.  Break free from frenzied obsessions and compulsions and the robotic quest for immediate gratification and enjoy a new quality of life. “


    David Lieberman, Author of Seek Peace and Pursue it, How Free Will Works: The blueprints to take charge of your life, health and happiness.

    If you or someone you love suffers from addiction—any addiction, you will find this workbook invaluable. Katz and Wehner take a practical look at addictions but don’t end there. They have included several straight-forward exercises to aid a person’s recovery. Regardless of whether you are new to recovery, have not yet started in recovery or you have been in recovery for many years, this workbook will be a valuable addition to your recovery library.


    Dr. Milton S. Magness, Author of Stop Sex Addiction, Real Hope and Freedom from Sex Addiction: Thirty Day to Freedom from Sex Addiction and others.

    “For anyone who has struggled with addiction, becoming “clean and sober” is a life-saving accomplishment. But once we are there, you may find yourself existing at the jagged edge of emotional sanity. Long term healing only happens when work through the challenging areas of our innermost lives. This book will help you navigate the challenging path inside yourself. I highly recommend it!”


    David Zailer, Founder of Operation Integrity, Author of Our Journey Home, When Lost Men Come Home, Starting Point for Recovery, and Death of a Fisherman. LAADC, ICADC, CADC II