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    Couples & Marriage Counseling



    by The Healthy Intimacy Coach

    Whether you’re a couple struggling with the discovery of sexual addiction, infidelity or difficult communication issues, Allan J. Katz of Rediscovery Counseling and Coaching will help you and your spouse achieve healthier intimacy, regain trust, learn better communication skills and reignite the spark that started your relationship. When you collaborate with Allan to work through your issues in a healthy way, you’ll rediscover your authentic self, feel less stressed out and regain your own personal power to live a rich, fulfilled life. You’ll rediscover what life is like without major blowups, miscommunication and lack of trust, have more energy and healthier intimacy. Infidelity, excessive pornography use, and cheating online can cause betrayal trauma and Allan Katz is certified in the Early Recovery Couple’s Empathy Model as well as a 3-day intensive as a Hope and Freedom Practitioner. 

    Allan J. Katz has completed the externship program of EFT (Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy). Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy is a short-term systematic, clinically tested approach to reduce relationship distress in adult love relationships and create more secure attachment bonds. Emotions are the transformational element in couples therapy today. He has also completed a course in Developmental Couples Therapy and adds appropriate interventions from Dr. John Gottman and other Couples Therapy experts specializing in attachment, trauma and addiction.

    Couples Counseling & Marriage Counseling offers you an opportunity to:

    • Understand the roots of attachment disorders, including the physical, social and psychological factors that predispose some people to addictions; and why some people are more vulnerable to intimacy disorders than others.
    • Realize your own destructive beliefs, like “I can handle this on my own,” or “addiction is simply a moral weakness.”
    • In actuality, people from all walks of life suffer from sexual and other addictions. When you, the partner understands this you can begin to heal from the trauma of neglect, abuse, breaking trust, lies and cover ups.
    • Reduce the shame and isolation that this type of behavior feeds upon, while coming to terms with the serious negative consequences that might occur with infidelity, pornography, technological distractions and lack of communication skills.
    • Create a personal recovery plan that fits your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, including a Monogamy Agreement.
    • Improve your relationships, save your marriage or partnership, and preserve your family’s trust, integrity and values.

    Sexual Addiction is difficult to self-assess.  Infidelity causes betrayal trauma.  There is hope for healing!

    Part of the addiction illness is a strong tendency toward minimizing and denying you might need help. The disease of sexual addiction is progressive, so it is easy to rationalize your behavior especially at the earlier stages by thinking that you’re not hurting anyone else. Unfortunately, it can take a serious crisis like getting caught, STDs, affairs, arrests etc. to break through denial. We call this “hitting bottom.”


    Betrayal trauma causes a fracture in the foundation of a relationship and the foundation of self. The secrets, lies, gaslighting, and deception throughout a relationship are a silent cancer that consumes the infrastructure. The most devastating aspect of discovery is that the entire system that holds one together begins to collapse into itself.  Therefore, the first step of healing has to be rebuilding this infrastructure.  In this first phase the partner establishes safety for herself by processing what happened and what she needs in the present to make more informed decisions. For the betrayer building back the infrastructure entails getting into recovery, learning how to be empathic and building back trust. 

    Don’t wait for a crisis to hit bottom!  Get assessed today before it’s too late.  Call 901-248-6001.

    Allan J. Katz, LPC/MHSP CSAT is a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist (CSAT) with over ten years of experience helping people with sexual addiction and intimacy problems including trauma, pornography, infidelity and obsessive behavior on the internet and other distracting technology. Your visit will remain confidential in an atmosphere of understanding and support, without judgments or comparisons.

    As a Recovering Couple you will discover how to:

    • Break through isolation and secrecy.
    • Face the underlying problems which cause you or your partner/spouse to escape into a world of fantasy by realizing the negative consequences of your behavior, increasing your motivation for a positive relationship.
    • Develop effective strategies to live with and overcome impulses to act out sexually; and substitute healthy ways to feel whole again, manage stress, and increase self-care.
    • Develop your own Monogamy Agreement to determine what is acceptable and what is not for each of you to reestablish trust and commitment to each other.
    • Build a support system to help you when urges strike, and learn why 12-step & other group programs are essential for your recovery.
    • Substitute healthy behaviors when emotional triggers strike.
    • Understand the difference between intensity and intimacy and how to use your recovery to improve your intimate relationships.

    Begin your recovery today with a confidential individual consultation, or a couples appointment.

    For more information or to set up an initial phone or in person consultation, call 901-248-6001.