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  • Experiential Group Therapy Interventions with DBT

    By Allan J. Katz, Mary Hickam Bellofatto

    A Must Have Book for Group Leaders Who Treat People with Addictions & Trauma


    Group therapists sporadically search for exercises, sometimes at the last minute, to fill up group time. This book is designed to be a therapist’s helper. Whether you’re doing warm-ups, teaching DBT skills, or group exercises, these proven experiential techniques will bring creativity and spontaneity to your groups or individual practice. These proven experiential exercises have been used successfully in treatment centers, group and individual therapy internationally to treat addictions and trauma, utilizing DBT skills as well as original educational topics. This workbook, in “cookbook” format, will contain concise plans for facilitating a group each day within a month’s cycle. There is a theme for each day with a DBT skill, psycho-educational materials, experiential exercises, warm ups and closings. Addictions and trauma often go hand in hand and psychodrama and experiential techniques are one of the preferred methods for treatment along with DBT.

    When you purchase this book, and utilize the creative exercises, you will liven up your groups and help your clients go deeper into their feelings while teaching them proven skills to regulate emotions, interpersonal effectiveness and tolerating stress in healthy ways.

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