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  • Hey! What About Me?

    Hey! What About Me? by Allan J. Katz, LPC/CSAT

    “The Gentle Journey to Emotional Health in a world of indifference, impulsivity and distraction. It succinctly presents the problem and the solution and anyone who feels enslaved to work, people, technology or their emotions will benefit.”

    There is a strange relationship between modern day slavery and freedom. On the one hand people want the freedom to do as they please, without restrictions, rules, deadlines, people, society or religion telling them what to do. Yet a society without rules, laws, deadlines and leadership leads to chaos. Freedom to do as we please without considering others, makes everyone and everything else less of a priority.

    Modern day bondage to technology, people, emotions and work is being compelled to act, somewhat unconsciously, which does not end up serving our own good. It’s as if there were a “master” demanding and compelling us to do something which ultimately is not in our own best interest. Every day, millions of people all over the world, subject themselves to the slavery of work, technology, people and emotions; rushing past their lives in a robotic frenzy, a quest for instant gratification, despite the future consequences of their spouses and partners saying, HEY! WHAT ABOUT ME?

    Conversely, we can enjoy freedom even with restrictions and rules, when the restrictions and rules are specifically designed to bring us closer to our own authentic self through spirituality, trust, mindfulness and play. The Journey to Freedom combines these pieces into one system, exploring the elements that enslave us today and the gentle path toward true freedom and emotional integrity.

    On the Journey to Freedom, you’ll discover how to temper out of control emotions. You’ll discover why we let other people and situations annoy us and how to begin to trust and protect ourselves. You’ll discover the fine line between letting technology enslave our precious time, while balancing it with healthy play. And, you’ll discover how to transform your life into becoming a human being instead of a human doing. In this book I will refer to this sense of slavery as “addiction,” while presenting the character traits needed to extinguish “these defects of character” as described in the 12-steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. But you don’t have to be an addict or have an “addiction” to benefit from reading. It succinctly presents the problem and the solution and anyone who feels enslaved to work, people, technology or their emotions will benefit.

    Addiction is defined as an obsessive-compulsive behavior which a person tries to stop and continues to occur despite his best efforts to stop on his own. Addiction then spins out of control and begins to affect his money, job, relationships and health. It’s really a slavery to a substance, process or behavior which continues despite dire and dangerous consequences.

    Freeman Dyson is quoted as saying, “It is our task, both in science and in society at large, to prove the conventional wisdom wrong and to make our unpredictable dreams come true.”

    I present actual case studies and journal entries of what real people endure along the journey to freedom from modern day slavery.

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    Hey! What About Me?

    Concise Practices for Living in Todays World of Uncertainty

    This book is a practical guide for all of us living in this world of uncertainty with technology and busyness distracting us from the human connection that makes us whole. The author gives us tools to use when we batter ourselves with negativity and doubt. He lets us know that emotions are only “smoke signals” for what we tell ourselves that may or may not be true. He calls us to go deeper into our bodies and experience all of our senses in order to be truly mindful of our daily experiences rather that go through life as robots. He challenges us to find our best selves as we care for our physical health, our sexuality, and vulnerability and intimacy in relationships. I will be inviting my clients to read Allan Katz’s book.

    R. Kathryn Pearson, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

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