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  • How To Keep Your Relationship strong, healthy and intimate

    To keep your relationship brimming with love in the loving cup. Whenever you’re wrong, admit it. Whenever you’re right, shut up. – Ogden Nash

    1. If you can agree on what constitutes a clean kitchen, you can agree on anything. Present company excluded of course but most of my clients argue over the most minute details and the important stuff never gets discussed.

    2. Imagine your partner as a small child when they irritate you. When we can imagine being childlike it brings back memories of how cute we are as kids.

    3. Marry someone with a backbone who appreciates yours as well. Yes, honey, I will go with you to Target to buy baby clothes but on our next date night we’re going to a scary movie.

    4. Accept everyone needs alone time. Remember the hula hoops. When one is on top of the other it means a controlling relationship. A healthy relationship is one where you give each other some alone time and spend some time together as well.

    5. Share your daily routine with your spouse. No, don’t text him every 2 minutes, he’s working but during a break it may be a good idea to actually pick up the phone and call each other. Old fashioned but more intimate than texting.