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  • How to Reduce Anxiety and Live a More Fulfilled Life

    I have always been a seeker of details, sometimes to my own detriment, sometimes surprise reveals the uniqueness of the storehouse of knowledge I have compared to others. In fact, I know so much, I’ve recently discovered that comparing myself to others is actually destructive. It leads to depression and negativity. You would think that being a storehouse of knowledge would win me accolades from other people but some people judge us by how much money we have, rather than how knowledgeable we are. I often thought that as soon as I became wealthy, people who have never accessed my storehouse of brilliance would suddenly pour out of the woodwork like mice hearing the purring of a cat outside.
    Anxiety has a way of making us prisoners in our own minds. When you consume your self with this “fear of the future,” all types of “what ifs” flood your brain, paralyzing your creative process turning it into fear. When you confront the fear and push yourself gently out of your comfort zone, you will discover a harmony of spirit envelope you like a loving white cloud. It protects you from your passivity, yet mentally teaches you a lesson. That lesson is; feel the fear and do it anyway. 95% of the time, you’ll feel better and get what you want in the end.
    The secret is acceptance. What we resist, persists and the longer you dwell on “what if this happens,” or “what if that happens,” you run the risk of staying stuck with a pain in your gut and a feeling of being stuck in a rut.
    At Rediscovery Counseling and Coaching, Mr. Katz uses the powerful treatment methods developed by Dr. David Carbonell to treat chronic anxiety, social anxiety, fears and obsessive compulsive disorders.
    You’ll discover how to relinquish control of your future, accept your past and move forward confidently and assertively toward your dreams, goals and aspirations. Many of us grow up trying to meet the expectations of others, not feeling good enough and end up procrastinating and striving toward perfection, but never achieving it. You’ll discover you don’t have to be perfect to be successful, how to set realistic goals and how to plan your successful future without worrying about the outcome.
    When you’re ready to stop suffering from anxiety, come experience mindfulness, acceptance, goal setting and the secret to living a more serene life. Call now for an appointment, 901-248-6001.
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