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  • Men’s Healing Journey Intensives for people suffering from Out of Control Sexual Behavior

    This was truly a transformative experience. My mind doesn’t seem like a broken TV set, playing confusing images anymore.  My wounds seem identifiable and healable.  I know serenity will take practice, but I feel prepared and much less afraid.  – M.A. 

    What an amazing experience.  I was able to dig deep into the root cause of my addiction.  It was a bonding experience that I will never forget.  I went into the intensive sad and down about what brought me to this point, and I left a happy man with a better understanding of how to a better man that can express his emotions i9n healthy way. – A.B. 

    Do You Sometimes Feel, Despite Your Best Efforts You Can’t Stop Acting Against Your Own Values?

    The intensive is exactly what I needed. I was very apprehensive, but its been very helpful. Most of all it helped me understand where my addiction comes from. The exercises seem silly at first but they yield powerful results. It was group therapy on steroids. –B.T.



    For Men Suffering from Sexual Addiction, Porn Addiction and Trauma

     FEBRUARY 25-27, 2024

    1052 Brookfield Road, Memphis, TN 38119

    Space Limited to 4 participants

    * Are you plagued by past traumas stopping you from achieving your goals?

    * Do you feel obsessed by addictive, obsessive or compulsive feelings?

    * Have you tried to stop and failed to be completely transparent in your relationship?

    * Are you experiencing negative consequences from your secret behavior?

    * Are people you love telling you they’re hurt by your actions?

    * Is holding on to secrets making you feel shame and guilt?

    At this workshop you will:

    * Be motivated to establish a lasting recovery

    * Reduce shame and guilt

    * Examine what sobriety looks like for you and establish a plan of action

    * Work through resentments and negative beliefs you’re holding on to that cause you to act out and stay miserable.

    * How to stay sober, despite loneliness, anxiety, hurt, boredom & anger

    * Build trust with your partner

    * Reestablish healthy intimacy and emotional integrity

    * Discover how to grow spiritually into the best person you were meant to be

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    Here’s What Past Participants Have to Say

    Thanks for an amazing 3 days. You created an open and judgement free zone for healing and recovery. I got to the root of my addiction, of being entitled, and the shame messages I’ve believed about myself. I was able to get the tools and skills I needed to get sober. THIS HAS BEEN THE BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE.

    R. R.

    This intensive therapy session was the most beneficial & helpful therapy I’ve ever had. It was able to get out of me what I had been wanting to do for years, but not able to do. I appreciate everything I got from it.


    I’ve struggled with expressing my emotions my entire life. During this intensive I learned to express myself, opened up to past trauma and identified a clear path to successful recovery. This program has my strongest possible recommendation for those seeing a better life through recovery. B. N. 

    Thank you for your help. Don’t stop, this is your calling. No shame, no guilt. K.V.