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  • Navigating Phases of Sex Addiction Recovery

    A workbook for adding meaningful value and purpose to sobriety

    This workbook answers the question, “I’m sober, now what?”

    This workbook is for people in recovery to help you maintain sobriety by providing tools for managing distractions, impulsivity and indifference that could take you down a slippery slope toward relapse. As you know, complacency will rear its ugly head and the exercises in this workbook will prepare you to face challenges that lie ahead.

    You will discover the essential skills to find meaning and purpose in life through character development and emotional maturity, while improving your relationship with healthy intimacy.

    It contains concise exercises on a journey that will give you insight into what is holding you back from a life worth living, finally living in serenity, learning the art of surrender, and finally finding true hope and freedom in recovery.

    With alternating chapters presenting problems and solutions, this workbook is designed to lead you through the stages of recovery while gaining skills in mindfulness, emotional regulation, and impulse control.

    How To Use This Workbook

    Recovery from sex addiction is a process, like an up and down roller coaster – that never stops. There is never a finite endpoint at which you can say, “That’s it. I’m cured.” There will always be hurdles that come up during recovery that challenge your progress and the assumptions that led you to sobriety. Those difficult moments can set you back, as they may have set you back many times in the past.

    But when you’re armed with the knowledge that these challenges will come up — and you’re prepared with concrete strategies to face them — you can face any challenge that comes your way.