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  • Perfectionism is all about Fear

    Perfectionism is all about fear

    Feeling we have to be perfect is all about fear. Old messages bombard us with warnings we may not be good enough or ‘what will other people think?’ Other people procrastinate because of childhood messages of “do it perfectly or not at all.” This pressure hinders creativity and causes us to lose sight of the end goal, serving the customer or client.

    Many people  hide behind the smokescreen of perfectionism to avoid getting anything accomplished. So I’ll work on this one project until it’s perfect and those other assignments on my ‘to-do’ list will just have to wait.

    Realize that once you can identify the fear of having to be perfect you will slowly begin to feel comfortable trusting your own intuition to do your work correctly, even it it’s not perfect.

    Today I will practice accepting my work unconditionally.