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  • Putting off until tomorrow what you can accomplish today

    Putting off until tomorrow what you can accomplish today

    Procrastination is closely related to perfectionism. We procrastinate because of anxiety and fear of failure. There is a positive correlation between procrastination and self-handicapping, task avoidance, perfectionism, irrational beliefs, and depression.

    Lack of incentives increase procrastination. Every behavior has a positive intention. Excellent students for example experience the least motivation. They are so confident in their ability to succeed; they find it difficult or impossible to motivate themselves without a deadline or motivator.

    People procrastinate because they are afraid what they are doing will fail (performance anxiety). They have difficulty making decisions, rebel against control, show a lack of assertiveness, fear of success and feelings of incompetence. Realize that the only way past fear is to push through the fear and do it anyway, even if it’s not perfect.

    Today I will take baby steps to conquer my fear of failure and make a conscious effort to begin something.