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  • The Addictive Algorithm: It’s Time for a Change

    I remember reading the book 1984 in High School where Big Brother will be watching everything we do in the future.  Today I was thinking about You Tube and other videos & websites and how when you watch certain videos, similar subject videos pop up, offering you more of what you’re interested in.  Same thing on our phones and tablets, a constant barrage of information, news, other people’s opinions, pictures and stories to keep us distracted from what is real.  It’s addiction’s finest hour and everyone can proudly proclaim, “I’m ADHD, OCD, Addicted to everything, PTSD, GAD, DEP,, etc.” justifying they can’t stay away from the distractions and focus on what really needs to get done in their lives.  Like self care.

    I was listening to a podcast with Brene Brown and Dr. Edith Eker yesterday (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT), and Dr. Eker said, “LOVE is a four letter word, TIME! T.I .M. E. Spending time with others.  Giving people your time instead of burying your face in your phone for hours at a time while everyone around you is begging for connection and a few minutes of your TIME.

    I think part of it is people don’t feel giving of their own time is valuable enough.  “Who am I to express my feelings?”  I know what they’re going to say anyway!

    The answer is to go back to dating when you were kind and curious.  Stay Kind and Be Curious about your spouse, children, co-workers and everyone you meet and your life will be much more meaningful.