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  • The Story of the flat battery

    Depression can be a scary diagnosis, especially in this stigmatized world we live in. But, in fact, although it is a state of mind which affects your energy level, there is no real evidence that it has biological causes. So if there is no evidence of a physical cause, the term depression as a disease is really just a metaphor.

    Some depressed people welcome the term ‘dis-ease’ as it gives them a socially recognizable signal that this is not their fault (which of course, it isn’t), but the risk is, the label tends to make you more passive about doing something different.

    We all get tired and need to refresh our batteries sometimes. Depression is a state of extreme exhaustion, with loss of hope, motivation, joy and self-confidence.

    Depression is really like a battery run out of power. All that firing off of the REM sleep response at night tires you out, meaning that rather getting rest from your sleep, you feel more tired. As you begin to worry less and relax more during the day, you’ll quickly begin to dream less at night and the extra deep slow wave sleep will begin to recharge your battery so you can awake with a new renewed sense of motivation and energy.

    None of us want to start over again. We want the world and everyone in it to treat us kindly, say the right things every time, and meet our demands and deadlines. It’s all about us; ME, ME, ME, ME.

    Depression is anger turned inward. It is difficult for you to express how you really feel to someone else, so you hold it in and remain resentful, turning the inability to speak up back toward yourself. Yet, you’re beating yourself up and they’re going about their day, as if nothing happened. Don’t judge yourself or compare yourself to others. Comparing is deadly. He is not you. He didn’t have the same upbringing, history, wife, children, education, etc. Stand up for yourself and don’t listen to what everyone else says. It’s really none of your business, what other people think of you!
    The only way out of depression, aside from anti-depressants, is action. Instead of wallowing in your own misery, do something fun for yourself that’s HEALTHY! Sometimes it has to be the opposite of what you’re feeling at the moment. When was the last time you played, started a hobby, went out on a date, for a walk or to dinner ?

    If you suffer from depression, look into antidepressant medication. Today, these medications can work wonders in tandem with therapy, and they have virtually no side-effects! Also, these meds do not have to be taken for life, but rather a period of 8-10 months is often enough to help you recover.

    It is vital to realize that often it’s not just a matter of character training or a moral weakness. Depression is a medical condition and must be treated as such, hand in hand with spiritual healing.

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