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  • The Innovative Brainspotting Therapy for Sex Addiction

    The Innovative Brainspotting Therapy for Sex Addiction

    The innovative Brainspotting therapy incorporates EMDR, mindfulness, brain, and body-based therapies. It is based on the theory that certain eye positions can reach particular spots in the brain where traumatic memories are stored. Therefore, it can evoke emotions, sensations, and memories. A brainspotting treatment uses eye position, mind-body focus, and mindfulness exercises to assist patients in overcoming problems, including PTSD, stress, and anxiety. Recent research also demonstrates that patients who use Brainspotting as part of their sex addiction therapy would benefit significantly from it. And that is precisely what we would like to discuss in this article. So let us see how patients can use the innovative Brainspotting therapy for sex addiction.

    But first, let us look at and explain some terms that can help us understand things better.

    What is Brainspotting, and how does it work?

    Spots in a person’s visual field are used in Brainspotting treatment, a form of complementary therapy, to aid in processing trauma. It unlocks trauma imprisoned in the subcortical brain, where movement, awareness, emotions, and learning are controlled. David Grand, Ph.D., discovered this treatment in 2003 as a development of his study. Grand observed a patient got stuck in one spot during therapy. Then, he saw how the patient managed to dig deeper than ever into their emotions while remaining in this one spot. Thus Brainspotting was born.

    Brainspotting focuses on the idea that trauma-related emotions can get trapped in the body and cause physical and mental health problems. As a result, this therapy resets the body and brain’s memory of a particular event or experience, freeing the patient’s mind and body.

    What is sex addiction, and is it an actual condition?

    Yes, sexual addiction is real and more severe than one might imagine. Even WHO (the World Health Organization) has recently declared Sexual Compulsivity an official disorder. Sex addiction is the compulsive urge to engage in sexual activity. We can explain it easier as the desire to get the same “high” that a person with an alcohol or opiate use disorder has while using drugs or alcohol. Sex addiction may endanger some people and cause serious relationship issues. It can potentially harm a person’s physical and mental health, interpersonal connections, quality of life, and well-being, just like drug or alcohol addictions.

    Multiple sex partners are said to be sought after by someone with sex addiction. However, this isn’t always a symptom of such a condition. Some claim it can be a compulsive urge to engage in sexually stimulating activities, such as masturbating or watching porn. Furthermore, to engage in sexual activity numerous times each day, a person with sex addiction may dramatically modify their life and activities. And despite serious adverse effects, they are allegedly unable to control their conduct.

    What are the benefits of the innovative Brainspotting therapy for sex addiction?

    Brainspotting can be highly helpful in addiction recovery and therapy and in treating symptoms directly related to trauma. In Brainspotting treatment sessions, patients can stimulate the area of the brain that causes cravings. By doing this, they can identify the brain spot that links acting on the need with its consequences, ultimately decreasing the temptation.

    However, this is just one of the benefits of the innovative Brainspotting therapy for sex addiction. Here are other significant benefits that this therapy can offer:

    Brainspotting improves your mood

    Intense irritation, despair, or rage when unable to engage in sexual behavior and to feel pleased or joyful only when having sexual activity are examples of severe mood changes associated with sexual addiction. Brainspotting can help you with these mood changes and free yourself from negativity and dark thoughts. It is an excellent way to overcome mood disorders as it enhances behavioral activation. Furthermore, you will learn to think forward and acknowledge and release trauma. The future will start looking brighter, and you will rediscover hope.

    You will sleep better and have more energy

    An addict depends on their urges to survive. Thus, everything in your life is determined by action. You are tired, but the continuous tense and anxious state don’t let you sleep or rest as you should. However, after Brainspotting helps you loosen your addiction’s grip on your life, the capacity to relax returns. In addition, trauma-related tension eases, and sleep can help the body heal completely. Naturally, vitality and energy return after a while, too.

    You will learn to forgive yourself

    You probably heard it a million times. Healing requires forgiveness. But it’s not always that easy. Mountains of sorrow, rage, or wrath can surround particular persons and events. Brainspotting lightens the burden of those emotions, allowing you to shift the patterns. In addition, it helps you let go of grudges you might have against others or yourself. You can only go on with your life after letting go of your wounded feelings. Negative emotions are only harmful in the long term. So give the innovative Brainspotting therapy for sex addiction a chance to help you forgive yourself and those who hurt you.

    What to expect from a Brainspotting therapy session?

    You will take several steps during a Brainspotting therapy session. First, you need to name your primary motivation for getting treatment. The key is pinpointing the origin of your pain, trauma, emotion, troubling thinking pattern, or event. You’ll then be asked to concentrate on the issue and consider how it makes you feel. For instance, do you experience rage, anxiety, worry, frustration, or sadness when you think about your trauma? How do these thoughts make you feel? At this time, your therapist will try to pinpoint the fixed eye position and brain spot related to the problem while you keep your eyes on the source and follow the end of a pointer with them. Using the fixed eye position, a therapist can assist a patient in releasing constrained images, ideas, and emotions that block their ability to advance through the healing process.

    Final words

    In an era of medical and genetic research innovation, people are doubtful that Brainspotting therapy will be effective. However, a person’s memories can be changed by merely picking on their brain. Furthermore, there is a lot of proof that it is effective. The efficiency of Brainspotting treatment has been validated through academic study and clinical application. Therefore, you can trust that the innovative Brainspotting therapy for sex addiction will only benefit you. And if we aroused your interest in Brainspotting, reach out to us today!

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